8×8 Tickets are Live!

Two big updates on 8×8 Brewing Project, our upcoming Beer Festival connecting the Chinese Craft Beer community with friends from across the globe: Tickets are on sale stating at Noon, Beijing time, and we’re ready to reveal the collaboration match-ups!
We picked names out of a hat to pair up these 16 breweries from Greater China and the Pacific Northwest:
  • Cloudburst Brewing (Seattle) X Bubble Lab (Wuhan)
  • Gigantic Brewing Co. (Portland) X Moonzen Brewery (Hong Kong)
  • Breakside Brewery (Portland) X NBeer (Chengdu/Beijing)
  • 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (Bend) X Fat Fat Beer Horse (Xiamen)
  • Culmination Brewing (Portland) X Master Gao (Nanjing)
  • The Commons Brewery (Portland) X Taihu Brewing (Taipei)
  • Holy Mountain Brewing (Seattle) X Jing-A Brewing Co. (Beijing)
  • Parallel 49 Brewing (Vancouver) X TAPS (Shenzhen/Chongqing)
Each of these pairs will now start working together to develop a new beer that brings together the experience, culture and personality of both breweries, to be released at the 8×8 festival in Beijing, November 3rd and 4th.
We can’t wait to see (and taste) the beers they come up with! 


The first 50 tickets for each session get an early bird discount – just use the code EARLY1 if you’re buying a ticket for Session 1, EARLY2 for Session 2, and EARLY3 and EARLY4 for the other sessions.

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