8×8 Returns – October 2018!

Mark your calendars for the 8×8 Brewing Project, returning to Beijing on October 26-27!

8×8 is an annual international beer festival organized by Jing-A.
Each year eight breweries from around greater China are invited and paired up with eight craft breweries from a specific region in the world. Together, they work to create a series of 8 new collaboration beers, and then pour them alongside many of their own favorite brews at the 8×8 festival in Beijing!

2017 was the inaugural year of 8×8, and if you came, you’ll remember we invited over eight awesome breweries from the Pacific Northwest of the US to partner up some of our favorite comrades in the Chinese craft beer industry.
For 2018, we’ve shuffled a new selection of breweries into the mix from around greater China, and we’ve chosen a new region of the world that’s quite famous for its exciting and vibrant craft beer scene… The eight breweries visiting from overseas this year will hail from Nordic countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Estonia!

Here’s the full list…
From Greater China:
Jing-A Brewing Co.
啤酒頭 Taiwan Head Brewers Brewing Company
Trip Smith
Wild West Brewery
Wuhan No. 18 Brewing
Xi’an Brewery
Young Master Ales

From Nordic Countries:
Brewski (Sweden)
Nøgne Ø Det Kompromissløse Bryggeri A/S (Norway)
Põhjala Brewery(Estonia)
KEX Brewing (Iceland)
Amager Bryghus (Denmark)
Stigbergets Bryggeri (Sweden)
Dugges Bryggeri (Sweden)
To Øl (Denmark)

The 8×8 Festival will feature 4 three-hour sessions of free-flow beer tasting. The first session kicks off on the evening of Friday, Oct. 26th, followed by three more on Saturday, Oct. 27th.

The eight collaboration beers made specifically for 8×8 will pour at all sessions, so there’s no risk you’ll miss out on those.
Every brewery will have an additional two taps to pour their own beers, and these will change each session, for a total of 8 collaboration brews and 32 rotating beers available at each session.
That means there’ll be 136 unique beers poured throughout the course of the festival!

There’ll also be food vendors to help you keep up with all that beer, a live DJ, and other fun diversions!

Keep an eye out for our continuing updates about 8×8, including information about each participating brewery and the reveal of how the 16 breweries have been paired up!
Tickets will go on sale Sept. 5th, and those of you who plan ahead can look forward to a generous early-bird discount.

Revisiting 8×8 2017 / 再续八乘八!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting 16 breweries from Greater China and the Pacific Northwest at the inaugural 8×8 China Brewing Project, here in Beijing at the UCCA Pavilion in 798! Over 1600 people turned up over the two days to taste the dozens of great beers that were pouring… especially the 8 all-new collaboration brews prepared specifically for 8×8!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came!

To help fuel us through the festival, we had delicious food from Hatchery’s Common Burger, Palms L.A. Kitchen & Bar, Pak Pak & SuSu, and BBQ from 京A Brewpub Xingfucun. We also want to give a shout out to DJ Jay 1,2 and XXX for rocking the party all weekend, and to Needles N’ Pins Studio and all the brave souls who got inked with a permanent memory of 8×8!

We can’t wait for the next 8×8 Brewing Project in 2018 – we’ll be switching from the Pacific Northwest to a new partner region… it could be anywhere around the world where there’s great beer!

If you missed out on this year’s event, or simply want to get more of your favorite beers that you tried the festival, keep an eye on the guest beer taps at both 京A locations over the next few weeks…

We also plan to revisit all 8 collaboration brews with an event at 京A Xingfucun later this month, so look out for the details in next week’s WeChat blast!



Hatchery 的新概念美食“共享堡”、 Palms L.A. 、喜悦泰&苏苏和京A幸福村也用美食给本次活动锦上添花!还有持续输出音乐原动力的 DJ Jay 1,2 和 XXX、将“八乘八”记忆永久留存的 “针与针”纹身工作室,大家都辛苦啦!



Nov 25th: 8×8 Afterflow 2017

If you weren’t able to make it to the 8×8 festival earlier this month, or you did go and you love the beers so much that you’re ready for another round, we’ve got great news for you: the 8×8 Afterflow!

This weekend, on Saturday Nov. 25th, 京A Brewpub Xingfucun will pour all eight of the collaborations brewed for the 2017 edition of the 8×8 Brewing Project. You’ll get an 8×8 taster glass and a pour of each of the eight beers for just RMB 100. We’ll be opening the doors early at 12PM for lunch and kicking Afterflow off at 2, so bring a friend and enjoy an afternoon session with the 8×8 collab beers. It’s the last time they’ll all be available in one place!

Here’s a reminder of what the 8 pairs of breweries from Greater China and the Pacific Northwest brewed up for us:

8×8 Afterflow

Saturday, Nov. 25th

2PM – Late @ 京A Brewpub Xingfucun

57 Xingfucun Zhong Lu

如果你还在为不小心错过这个月初的“八乘八”啤酒节扼腕叹息,或者觉得一次没有喝过瘾, 那我们这次给大家带来的是幸福的消息!本周六(11月25日),一场“八乘八”节后快闪派对将在京A Brewpub 幸福村进行!而且我们特意准备了一份超值“八乘八”大礼包,一个“八乘八”专属品鉴杯+8款合酿酒款品鉴组合仅需100元,绝对不容错过!

活动当天,京A Brewpub 幸福村将在中午12点开供午餐,下午2点起“八乘八”快闪活动正式开始!

8×8: The Last Keg 2017

This Saturday we’re partnering with Peiping Machine Taphouse at their new location in Gongti where we’re taking over 30 taps for the night. Enjoy the last remaining kegs of a wide variety of beers from the 8×8 festival, all priced at RMB 50/pint – and if you buy 4 or more you’ll get an 8×8 glass to take home!




“八乘八”Last Keg活动中,所有美酒均只有一桶,且国内仅这一桶,所以说先到先得,喝完就没!



“八乘八”Last Keg现场酒单


CloudburstBrewing (西雅图) X 气泡实验室 (武汉)

Gigantic BrewingCo. (波特兰) X 门神精酿酒坊 (香港)

BreaksideBrewery (波特兰) X 牛啤堂 (成都/北京)

10Barrel Brewing Co. (本德) X 胖胖啤酒马 (厦门)

CulminationBrewing (波特兰) X 高大师 (南京)

TheCommons Brewery (波特兰) X 台虎精酿 (台北)

HolyMountainBrewing (西雅图) X 京A精酿啤酒 (北京)

Parallel49 Brewing (温哥华) X TAPS (深圳/重庆)


8×8 Q&A: Cloudburst and Bubble Lab

As the 8×8 Collaboration Festival (November 3rd & 4th) gets closer on the horizon, our 8 pairs of brewers from Greater China and the Pacific Northwest are starting to get their collaboration beers ready. Over the next few weeks we’ll be checking in, asking 8 questions to each pair to learn a bit more about them and try to get a hint of what beers they’ll be sharing with us…  This week, Steve from Cloudburst Brewing in Seattle and Marco from Bubble Lab in Wuhan:

Q1: Where are you from, and how did you get into brewing?
Steve (Cloudburst Brewing): I’m originally from New England – I was born in Boston, raised in Connecticut, and educated in Maine. While in Maine, I spent a Summer working at Allagash Brewing in Portland and decided this was the industry for me.  The people, the passion, the physical labor, and the blending of science & creativity sealed the deal.

Marco (Bubble Lab): I was born in Taiwan, but I have spent most of my life in China and States. When I was living in Shanghai after coming back from U.S., one of the brewpubs my friend and I always enjoyed visiting was Boxing Cat. That was how I was inspired to start homebrewing, and eventually find work in their brewery, and now start my own! That’s how everything started to take off at Bubble Lab.

Q2: Tell us about three of your favorite beers made at Cloudburst/Bubble Lab. What makes them special?
 Happy Little Clouds is our lightly dry-hopped Pilsner – it’s special because it’s the only beer we brew year round. Everything else we brew is essentially a one-off. For our pilsner we take pride in trying to improve and replicate the delicate and difficult style, and usually it takes about 8 weeks from brew to package.
Grande Mocha Nonfat Latte is an oatmeal milk stout with cocoa powder and house-made cold brew from a local Seattle roaster. It tastes just like it sounds!
Precious Freshious is our first barrel aged beer – it’s blend of French Saisons aged in white wine barrels. It’s a clean beer – so the oak is subtle and bright, with a dry finish.

M: Definitely the Bubble IPAGolden Porter and Vanilla Imperial Stout.
Bubble IPA is our flagship IPA that I spent the most time perfecting. It uses 98% Maris Otter which is my favorite Pale Malt, and a combination of 4 hops that provide a beautiful tropical aroma. It has a great balanced from both malt and hops, so it remains easy to drink.
Our Golden Porter is a specialty ale that I brewed together with my friend Seth Collins. It’s a blonde ale brewed with flaked oats, lactose on the hot-side and Colombian coffee beans, Bolivian cacao nibs, and Madagascar Vanilla beans on the cold-side. If you close your eyes, have a sip, you would think it’s a porter with all those flavors of a dark beer, but it’s actually light in color.
My Vanilla Imperial Stout was inspired by Mikkeller’s Vanilla Milk Shake, one of my favorite stouts of all time. My version is a like that beer’s little brother, with a lower abv that makes it more sessionable, so one can have several pints of this delicious thing in one go.

Q3: Where do you draw your inspiration from as a brewer?
S: Everywhere! Our city, our music, pop culture, our brewer friends, food, cocktails – there’s inspiration everywhere if you’re paying close attention.

M: Traveling. I try to go to as many places as I can, drink as much beautiful beer as I can, and then brew my own interpretations of what I experienced.

Q4: Have you ever used Chinese ingredients in a beer? If not, is there one that’d you’d like to use in a future brew?
S: Yes, I’ve used 5 spice mix in a beer before – it definitely needs to be well integrated into the base beer flavors to ensure it’s still balanced.

M: I once brewed a Sichuan Peppercorn Saison in Lexington Kentucky with Brandon Floan, head brewer from Ethereal brewing, but never get the opportunity to taste the finished beer… sad, I know! I would love to try brewing with some Chinese fruits in the future, especially in a sour ale.

Q5: Why did you decide to join 8×8, and what makes you excited about traveling to Beijing?
S: I’ve never been to Asia, let alone China – so it was a no brainer, once in a lifetime opportunity for me to go. I’m excited to learn more about the craft beer industry and craft beer drinkers in China.
M: I’m always excited to have an opportunity to collaborate with breweries from overseas. Collaborations always sharpens one’s skill and helps spark more ideas!

Q6: Agreed! Have you guys made a recipe for your collaboration yet?
S: We’re planning to brew a Triple IPA – something around 9-10% and hopped with American varieties to the MAX.

M: Steve brews some of the best IPAs along the West Coast in my opinion. I visited 20 breweries on my road trip there last month, and Cloudburst’s IPA was the BEST out of all the IPAs I drank. I love hoppy beers, so naturally we decided to brew one together, and since 8X8 will be held during chilly November, I asked, “Can we go big?”, and Steve replied that of course we can. So I kid you not, it won’t just be BIG – it’s gonna be YOOGE!

Q7: We’ll have to watch out for that! Now, can you tell us what your ideal pairing between beer and Chinese food would be?
S: A dry-hopped Pale – something light and refreshing but fruit forward hops and bitterness to cut through spice.
M: Wuhan 烧烤 (grilled skewers) with a cold IPA during the hot sweaty summer – you can imagine…

Q8: Seems you’re in agreement on that one. Last question, in addition to 8×8, what else do you have planned for your brewery through the rest of 2017?
S: We’ll be doing a couple festivals across the United States, and are currently gearing up for Fresh Hop Season!

M: Bubble Lab hasn’t been lived up to the “Lab” part of its name recently. We haven’t experimented with as many new beers as I would like, so for the rest of the year we’ll be catching up and making some new creative brews, including our 8×8 collaboration with Cloudburst!

Sounds great, thanks for your time, guys!
Look out for more updates on 8×8 in the coming weeks, and to get your tickets click here!

8×8 Q&A: Gigantic and Moonzen

As the 8×8 Collaboration Festival (November 3rd & 4th) gets closer on the horizon, our 8 pairs of brewers from Greater China and the Pacific Northwest are starting to move forward with plans for their collaboration beers. Over the remainder of the summer we’ll be checking in with 8 questions for each pair to learn a bit more about them and try to get a hint of what beers they’ll be sharing with us this fall…

First up: Gigantic Brewing from Portland and Moonzen Brewery from Hong Kong:

Q1: Where are you from, and how did you get into brewing?
Ben Love (Gigantic): Portland, Oregon. I had moved out to Wisconsin following a girl and was working as a courier for Fedex. I had to decide what to do next and its was either be a chef or start brewing. I decided to give brewing a try and got a part-time job at the local brewpub. I really enjoyed the work, so I enrolled in the American Brewers Guild brewer education program. That lead to a full-time brewing job back in Oregon at Pelican.
Laszlo Raphael (Moonzen): Originally from Mexico, now I live in Hong Kong where Moonzen is based. I got into brewing when I moved to Hong Kong. I couldn’t find any good beer to drink and my wife was obsessed with baking and in the kitchen every weekend, so I decided to take up a ‘manly hobby’ and make my own beer.

Q2: And the rest is history… Tell us about three of your favorite beers made at Gigantic/Moonzen. What makes them special?
 Pipewrench – our gin barrel aged IPA. We take Gigantic IPA and age it for 3 months in locally distilled Ransom Old Tom Gin barrels. Ransom barrel-ages their gin for a year, then empties them and we get the recently emptied barrels that are soaked in gin. The resulting beer is a delicious combination of citrusy hops and botanical gin, with a french oak barrel flavor in the finish. Kölschtastic – we make it in the traditional way with German pilsner malt and a kölsch yeast. A simple beer that’s ridiculously delicious and perfect at almost any time. The City Never Sleeps – our Imperial Black Saison. A myriad of malts and a Belgian yeast create a black beer that is complex with dark chocolate, cherry, blackberry, toffee, floral, and peppery spice, yet still finishes light on the palate.
M: My favorite beers at Moonzen are the South Cloud Yunnan Lager, Yama Sichuan Porter, and Dragon King Fujian Radler. They are three ‘provincial style’ beers, drawing inspiration from a unique ingredient from each province in China: Yunnan raw pu’er tea, Sichuan peppercorns and chillies, Fujian honey pomelos.

Q3: Where do you draw your inspiration from as a brewer? Have you ever tried using Chinese ingredients in a beer?
G: Inspiration comes from other beers, drinks and food. I have never used Chinese ingredients in a beer, yet.
M: I draw inspiration from stories in Chinese mythology, and the unique ingredients from China’s different provinces.

Q4: Why did you decide to join 8×8, and what makes you excited about traveling to Beijing?
G: It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with brewers in another part of the world. The ideas that come from collaborations can be incredible, and I think with brewers coming from different parts of the world the ideas can be even more exciting. This will be my first trip to China, so I’m looking forward to experiencing as much as I can when we are there.
M: We decided to join 8×8 because it’s a great opportunity to get involved with a group of other breweries and foster the beer community in greater China. We are always excited to travel to Beijing – that’s where Michele and I met in Peking University!

Q5: What’s it been like to work with the brewery you’ve been paired with?
G: Laszlo from Moonzen and I came up with a number of ideas. We have a fairly similar outlook on brewing. I’m excited to present our finished beer to everyone.
M: Good stuff, we share similar values and tastes in beers and easily agreed on a final recipe.

Q6: Great! Can you share some of the ideas you’ve tossed around for your collaboration beer, and have you picked a final recipe yet?
G&M: The final beer with be a sour (lambic) fermented beer using an ingredient from Oregon and China.

Q7: Sounds great, that’s an ambitious brew! A couple last questions.. what’s your favorite pairing between beer and Chinese food?
G: Chengdu Hot Pot with a cooling lager.
M: Beer and pan-fried jiaozi.

Q8: They must have pretty good hot pot in Portland, Ben, considering you’ve never been to Chengdu before. I think your answers are both spot-on. Last question: if you could sit down with anyone (living or dead) and have a beer, who would it be and why?
M: I’d have a beer with Genghis Khan just to see his reaction to drinking a Sichuan Porter.
G: Leonardo Da Vinci…
He would have made one hell of a brewer! Thanks for your time, guys, now get back to brewing that lambic!

Look out for more updates on 8×8 in the coming weeks, and to get your tickets click here!

Breweries of 8×8: Fat Fat Beer Horse

Hailing from the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, FAT FAT BEER HORSE opened its doors in 2013. Their portfolio of beers is founded on evolutions of classical European beer styles, such as their Shapotou Kölsch, and Hippocampus Seaweed Gose, and Yangmei Witbier. For special occasions like 8×8, they’ll send their beers out into the world… but generally they prefer to drink their beers where they belong. Fat Fat Beer Horse is located in a stunning 500sqm former seafood processing plant one the shores of YunDang Bay. All beers are brewed on-site to be enjoyed at their brewpub.

Breweries of 8×8: Culmination Brewing

Culmination Brewing Company is a brewery and taproom in the heart of Portland… celebrating their 2-year anniversary this month!
Voted Oregon’s best new brewery of 2016, Culmination is on pace to brew just over 4,000 BBL’s of beer in 2017. Driven by creativity yet firmly rooted in tradition, Culmination’s brewing team has produced over 200 unique styles from Brett-forward, blended barrel-aged flanders-style beers to dank and citrusy IPA’s. Culmination Brewing is built around the idea that sustainable manufacturing and building practices can and will lead to superior products and customer satisfaction. Great beer, with good food and community can be brought together in one concept, under one roof.

Breweries of 8×8: NBeer

Next up in our brewery lineup for 8×8… NBeer Pub 牛啤堂! Founded in 2013 in Beijing, NBeer was one of the first natively-owned craft breweries in China, the brainchild of two intrepid Beer Geeks. Their brewmaster, Yinhai, was originally a computer engineer, but early on became one of the first Chinese homebrewers and craft beer advocates. A founding member of the Beijing Homebrew Society, he is the author of the bestselling NBeer Bible – one of the first Chinese-language guidebooks to craft beer. NBeer’s other co-founder, Jin Xin AKA Xiaobiar – one of China’s foremost outdoorsmen by day – is by night (and sometimes day), China’s most famous beer bottle collector, a shameless Beer Geek and graphic designer. He is the creator of the bilingual Chinese-English Beer Family Tree poster. The two co-founders’ family names each mean “Silver” and “Gold” respectively – and with both their auspicious names and diverse skill-sets they strive to produce China’s best beers, both inside and out. In early 2016 NBeer launched a production brewery in Yinhai’s hometown of Chengdu,Sichuan, giving them the ability to distribute our beer throughout the country – and beyond!

Look out for their Raspberry Beijinger Weisse, Niubi Black IPA, and Zhongnanhai Rauchbier, named after China’s most famous brand of cigarettes.

Breweries of 8×8: Breakside Brewery

Up next in our profiles of the breweries coming to Beijing this November… Breakside Brewery!
Their slogan is “Seek and Enjoy”, and we’re going to make the first part of that easy for you – just grab a ticket for the 8×8 Brewing Project at https://yoopay.cn/event/8x8brewingproject. To enjoy, just show up to the festival on November 3rd & 4th. The Breakside team will be pouring 8 different beers over the two days, plus a new collaboration brewed with NBeer Pub 牛啤堂 specifically for 8×8!

In the meantime, here’s a bit more background on them…
Breakside opened in 2010 in Northeast Portland as a restaurant and pub brewery, gaining attention early on for their innovative, experimental and diverse beers.
By 2013, they had expanded operations to a 30 bbl production brewery in Milwaukie, Oregon, filled with 30, 60 and 120 barrel tanks, barrel rooms for wild and non-wild/sour fermentations, a high speed bottling line, and a 24-tap tasting room.
The next year, Breakside was awarded the highly coveted Gold Medal for American-Style IPA at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for their flagship Breakside IPA, which was also named to ​Men’s Jo​urnal’s 100 Best Beers In The World and “The Best Beer in Oregon” by ​The Oreg​onian.

Breakside is known for their wide ranging portfolio of beers (with 526 unique brews listed on their Untappd profile!) Highlights include barrel-aged and sour beers like their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aztec, a strong amber ale with chocolate and chilies, and their Passionfruit Sour, a fruited berliner-weisse that earned a Gold Medal at the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards.

Most recently, they opened a third location in the Slabtown district of Northwest Portland, and continue to pick up accolades, with Breakside named Brewery of the Year at the 2017 Oregon Beer Awards and the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards.