Breweries of 8×8: NBeer

Next up in our brewery lineup for 8×8… NBeer Pub 牛啤堂! Founded in 2013 in Beijing, NBeer was one of the first natively-owned craft breweries in China, the brainchild of two intrepid Beer Geeks. Their brewmaster, Yinhai, was originally a computer engineer, but early on became one of the first Chinese homebrewers and craft beer advocates. A founding member of the Beijing Homebrew Society, he is the author of the bestselling NBeer Bible – one of the first Chinese-language guidebooks to craft beer. NBeer’s other co-founder, Jin Xin AKA Xiaobiar – one of China’s foremost outdoorsmen by day – is by night (and sometimes day), China’s most famous beer bottle collector, a shameless Beer Geek and graphic designer. He is the creator of the bilingual Chinese-English Beer Family Tree poster. The two co-founders’ family names each mean “Silver” and “Gold” respectively – and with both their auspicious names and diverse skill-sets they strive to produce China’s best beers, both inside and out. In early 2016 NBeer launched a production brewery in Yinhai’s hometown of Chengdu,Sichuan, giving them the ability to distribute our beer throughout the country – and beyond!

Look out for their Raspberry Beijinger Weisse, Niubi Black IPA, and Zhongnanhai Rauchbier, named after China’s most famous brand of cigarettes.

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