Fat Fat Beer Horse

@ Xiamen, China

Fat Fat Beer Horse is a local brewery with regional ambitions based on Xiamen Island. We opened our doors in 2013. The foundations of our brewing portfolio are evolutions of classical european beer styles. We strongly believe in transparency and follow a strict purity policy. No white powders, tablets or strange liquids go into our beers. We believe in tradition but not in folklore. We believe in mutation but not in revolution. We are strongly dedicated to our environment and believe that Fat Fat Beer Horse is for the citizens of Xiamen and people that visit us. On very rare occasion we send our beers out to festival or to support friends, but we prefer you to drink our beers where they belong. Fat Fat Beer Horse is located in an impressive 500sqm old sea food factory at the shore of YunDang Bay. Until now all beers are brewed on sight and sold exclusively in our brewpub.