@ Chengdu & Beijing, China

NBeer Craft Brewing, established 2013 in Beijing, is one of the first natively-owned craft breweries in China.  To this day, we remain a leader in China’s craft beer movement, gaining a dedicated following among craft beer fanatics.  NBeer’s diverse and innovative brews have broadly influenced craft and premium beer venues across the nation. At the many events and festivals that NBeer organizes or participates in, we aim to represent the very best of Chinese Craft Beer.

NBeer is the brainchild of two intrepid Beer Geeks. Our brewmaster, Yinhai, was originally a computer engineer, but early on became one of the first Chinese homebrewers and craft beer advocates.  A founding member of the multi-national Beijing Homebrew Society, he is the author of the bestselling NBeer Bible – THE Ultimate Guide to Everything Craft Beer. NBeer’s other co-founder, Jin Xin AKA Xiaobiar – one of China’s foremost outdoorsmen by day – is by night (and sometimes day), China’s most famous beer bottle collector, Beer Geek and a graphic designer.  He is the creator and designer of the bilingual Chinese-English Beer Family Tree wall poster. The two co-founders’ family names each mean “Silver” and “Gold” respectively – and with both their auspicious names and original professions in mind, they strive to produce China’s BEST beers, both inside and out!

Today you can find our kegs on tap throughout China.  In early 2016 our new production brewery in Yinhai’s hometown of Chengdu,Sichuan, went online, which now gives us the ability to distribute our beer throughout the country – and beyond!