@ Shenzhen & Chongqing, China

TAPS was conceptualized in late 2014 and officially opened it’s first location in the summer of 2015 in Nanshan of Shenzhen. TAPS is a brewpub with locations in Shenzhen and Chongqing, each of the three locations have their own brewery. With our newest Shenzhen edition comes a 10 barrel brew house, bottling machine, full kitchen, live music, our own coffee roastery and a wall of 46 taps. We’re focused on the highest quality beer we can produce and consistency in those brews. Beer isn’t our only focus though, if we can put it on tap, we probably will! We’re made up of several key players all bringing expertise in different areas. This allows for a lot of creativity in the work we do and crossing over different beverage and food industries. We also put a high priority of staff education and education of our customers not just on TAPS but the entire craft beer industry as a whole. TAPS is basically a giant adult playground!